My Food Quilt {Merging of Symbolic Arts]

I call it The Food Quilt.  

It started out as a crazy idea on social media. "I should have a quilt with all my favorite foods on it just so I can carry it around and drool on it!" The fabrics I picked out online, after I sketched some ideas. Then it took a hundred tries of laying out all the fabrics to really decide what look I wanted. I love how it turned out. 

The philosophical meaning of food is that it repeats and centers around relationships. Every dish can connect to a memory, an event, a place, or a person, and everything has a tendency to come back to everything else. And I loved that about the fabrics themselves; either the fabric depicted a continuing pattern or the pattern contained circular shapes. Then I arranged the fabrics so that all the lines seemed to converge upon the center. Because as much as food goes out, repeating and connecting, it also comes back to the individual consuming it. And of course, I love to cook and love to to eat. So the fact that this is a food quilt depicting some of my favorite foods adds another layer of meaning. 

It's also meaningful because of how it's used. It's our family room blanket–the one we snuggle under while watching a movie. The one we sleep with during weekend naps. The one that gets used as a tent over the furniture to make a playhouse. The one that gets spread out during play-food picnics. It's used to bolster relationships. And it represents something that bolsters relationships.