My primary way of processing, expressing, and creating. Logophile: words + love.

mindfulness guide

Cooking (culinary + mixology arts graduate) and movement (registered yoga instructor), through Intertidal Movement, LLC.


In 2019, I incorporated and cofounded Queer Community Allies, a small 501(c)(3) volunteer-based organization focused on supporting local LGBTQIA+ young people. I am a current board member, contribute to our virtual presence, and visit schools and community groups. Within this work, I’ve collaborated with other local organizations, appeared on education panels, and taught others about starting a nonprofit.


fully vaccinated against covid-19, living in a mid-sized body, bleeding person, temporarily abled, queer, neuroatypical, descended from white Europeans and immigrants, English native-speaker, settled on Ute land, sheltered, citizen, partnered, parent, unreligious, raised Christian, post-secondary educated.