intertidal movement

“The body is the shore on the ocean of being.” –Sufi (anonymous)

mindfulness & embodiment guide

In spaces where I offer yoga, movement, or breath, I emphasize choice and individuality. I collaborate with folks to explore easeful practices.

I studied with Morgan Vanderpool (Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga), Dianne Bondy & Amber Karnes (Yoga for All), Amanda Hanna & Kirsten Wilkinson (SomaPsych & Legacy Motion), and Kelley Nicole Palmer (Accessible Yoga, Race & Equity).

Certified Trauma-Informed Movement Facilitator (SomaPsych & Legacy Motion), Registered Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance). I have been practicing yoga for over 11 years and facilitating 3 years.

In spaces where I offer cooking, I center on local ingredients and options (herbs, vinegars, colorful produce, multiple protein sources, fermented foods, grains, frozen, dried, preserved). My perspective is framed by land, history, and food worker equity.

I studied at the Park City Culinary Institute (Culinary Arts & Mixology) with Greg Neville, Rebecca Millican, Adam Kreisel, Houman Gohary, Viet Pham, Ethan Lappe, Frody Volgger, and Alexi Johnson. I also studied at Culinary Institute of America, Institute of Culinary Education, International Culinary Center, and with herbalist K. P. Khalsa. I’ve been practicing cooking for 30 years and teaching 15 years.

resources & cost

To provide sessions and classes more equitably, I offer sliding scale, no-cost, and donation-based options for all sessions. I share a portion of session proceeds with community organizations. All queries can be directed to sarah(at)sarahdelong(dot)com.


Whether in community centers, schools, or private spaces, I share with a lens of body acceptance, options, and choice-making. I always hope classes will deepen participant mind-body connection, but sessions are not to be considered medical advice or a replacement for nutritional or medical counsel, psychotherapy, or physical therapy. I encourage attendees to commit to curiosity surrounding their own personal journey, respect others’ boundaries and journeys, and seek help and other resources when they encounter questions or difficulties beyond my scope of training.

I honor that I walk and work on the traditional and ancestral homelands of the Shoshone, Goshute, and Ute tribes.

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